be as soft as you can, put a drink in my hand



On Wednesday I attended the launch of Scotch & Soda’s AW 15 collection, and in the words of my dear colleague “It was so swanky!”


All looking lovely representing GLAMOUR Magazine

Our glasses were spilling over with champagne and G&Ts and vodka, we indulged our taste buds with some exquisite Dutch hors d’oeuvres served by handsome models in button-ups, all the while treating our eyes to some of the best AW 15 pieces I have seen thus far. I feel a very strong urge to whip out my credit card.

IMG_8203 IMG_8207

The store boasted some beautiful displays and the overall image of the range was one of subtle luxury and youthful innovation within the key trends for AW 15.
The range was brought to life by the pops of this year’s winter colours – blue-grey, golden-yellow, marsala, classic blue and olive green.
Scotch & Soda are keeping the looks luxe with embellishments like studs and beads, and with techniques like quilting and pin-tucking.

IMG_8214 IMG_8205


Overall, a wonderful event and an even better collection. So excited to go shopping this weekend! (Couldn’t resist the credit card urge :/)

Check out the official Scotch & Soda site here. Thank you so much to the PR company Styling Concepts for hosting this great launch, and of course to GLAMOUR Magazine for taking me with!

Check out some more cool pics below.


IMG_8217 IMG_8211





pretty soon you’ll be floating away

Shopping day 🙂 yay. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in South Africa – or partake in Black Friday, but I made my own Black Friday by buying only black today ;). Ok sure that wasn’t really my intention but I’m gonna claim it. I have a serious problem though… This inability to wear colors, I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with me. Lol. Anyway, got some great basics. Check them out.

Firstly this really simple and flattering strapless dress. Ahh I love it to bits. The fit is what makes this a good buy, it sits tightly around the chest and waist and then flares out very naturally. That and the fact that there are literally a billion different ways to wear it.

Sorry about this crap photo. I only realized when I had packed everything away how bad this picture is :’D. Anyway, hopefully you can still see the beauty of this crop ❤ high neck, mesh and bustier style. It is so brilliant. The maxi skirt is also a good buy. It’s slim fitting (I need to start working on my abs so I can wear it) and has a slit on the one side. Perfect for lazy summer days with sandals and a cropped tee.

I wish the quality of this pic was better so you could see how nice these leggings are. I’ve been needing a new pair for a while now. When I came across this very last pair which happened to be in my size, I took it as a sign that this was meant to be :). There is a really pretty piping-like design down the sides. The halter crop speaks for itself. Simple, cool and 90s inspired.

And the last of my black buys is this beautiful sheer playsuit. I wish you could see the back – it’s a deep vee. So pretty. Oh and of course we can’t forget the shoes! Any chunky shoe immediately wins my heart, but this pair made it beat faster. I have a feeling I’m going to be living in these. Let’s hope they’re comfy…

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